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FST is an industry leader and pioneer in environmental engineering. Since our founding days, we have worked with municipalities, large and small, in addition to a variety of state agencies and private sector clients, to develop, treat, transport and deliver drinking water; to collect, process, treat and dispose of wastewater; and to handle stormwater flows while meeting ever more stringent environmental requirements.

The services provided by our wastewater and water resources engineers are comprehensive and diverse. Whether it is the expansion and upgrade of an existing facility or a completely new and advanced treatment system, FST offers a full range of expertise and services. Also FST work has involved separating stormwater from sewerage to minimize the impact to and improve the water quality of the various waterbodies where the effluent is disposed.

FST engineers are recognized as experts in specialized areas and state-of-the art technology such as odor control and UV disinfection for both water supplies and wastewater.