3D Visualization

The saying goes, “There’s no substitute for being there.” Maybe so, but at FST, we believe that our three-dimensional (3D) design visualization is the next best thing.

Our 3D modeling is not technology for technology’s sake. Design visualization using CAD platforms adds substance and value to our clients’ public outreach campaigns, but also offers the technical benefits of design coordination and conflict mitigation.

We create our models to-scale from traditional two-dimensional (2-D) plans, sections, elevations, and profiles using Autodesk software. Realistic, accurate rendered views are created from these models, or an animation can be developed to visually explain aspects of a project not as easily understood by reading 2-D plans and sections.

For example, we have used accurate 3D CAD models of abutments and wingwalls to verify concrete quantity estimates. We check geometric calculations more easily simply by looking at the model in 3D space. We can model utilities and other features to identify potential conflicts with the structure before the construction phase. By applying realistic materials and lighting to these models, we can better present the safety and aesthetic implications of the proposed structure to the public, our clients and the entire project team.