Integrated Water Management

Improvements to Water Pollution Control Facility & Remote Pumping Stations

Dartmouth, MA

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Water Mains Rehabilitation

Fall River, MA

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Little Mystic Channel (BOS019) CSO Storage Facility

Charlestown, MA

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Water Filtration Facility

Jamestown, RI

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North Dorchester Bay CSO Facilities

North Dorchester Bay, MA

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Fall Mountain Lake Area Water Service Extension

Plymouth, CT

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Integrated Water Management

Fay, Spofford & Thorndike's first project back in 1914 involved a water quality issue that the City of Fall River faced with the Quequechan River. Since that time, FST has provided solutions for hundreds of clients on thousands of water, wastewater and stormwater management projects. From working with major agencies such as the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, to cities and towns across the Northeast, to even Djibouti on the horn of Africa, FST's integrated water management team is dedicated to providing answers that help our clients deliver clean, safe and efficient water services.



More Information

Integrated Water Management Services, Water:

♦ Waterworks Master Planning
♦ Distribution/Storage Design
♦ Treatment Facility Design
♦ Groundwater Well Siting
♦ Groundwater Management
♦ Water Quality Assessments
♦ Water Supply Source Alternatives
♦ Demand Forecasts
♦ Water Audits
♦ Funding Assistance
♦ UV Disinfection
♦ SCADA Systems

Integrated Water Management Services, Wastewater & Stormwater:

♦ Facilities Planning
♦ Municipal/Industrial Wastewater Treatment
♦ Pumping Stations and Collection Facilities
♦ Odor Control
♦ UV Disinfection
♦ Infiltration/Inflow Studies
♦ Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Management
♦ Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency
♦ Integrated Wet Weather Management
♦ Stormwater Modeling
♦ Low Impact Development
♦ Landscape Architecture
♦ Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control
♦ Facilities Start-Up/Training/Operations Assistance
♦ Instrumentation and Controls
♦ Funding Assistance