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Relining of Water Well 15


Relining of Water Well 15

City of Long Beach, NY


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About this Project

City Well #15 is one of the wells used for the City of Long Beach’s drinking water. Over the next two years, the City will be abandoning Well #9, as it has gone beyond it’s useful life. Well #15 is a 1,200-foot-deep water well, and re-lining it will extend its useful life by more than 20 years. 

FST also designed the replacement of damaged sublevel components for Water Well #15.

More Information

Owner: City of Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, New York

Highlights: Resiliency measures included the following steps:

  • Raised well up two feet
  • Elevated pump motor
  • Elevated electric panels
  • Improved doors, windows and louvers to keep water out