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Yankee Stadium Parking Facilities


Yankee Stadium Parking Facilities

Bronx, NY


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About this Project

The new, award-winning garages at Yankee Stadium were featured in the November 2010 issue of The Parking Professional magazine. FST was Structural Engineer of Record for design of all three new parking structures, parkland and the rehabilitation and modifications to the two existing parking garages.

Parking Professional wrote: "The Yankee Stadium parking complex excels as a parking resources, providing parking for nearly 4,000 vehicles on a very tight footprint. Through a number of creative design elements, including the ramp directly connecting the complex to the Macombs Dam Bridge, parkers enjoy an incredibly convenient experience."

FST was responsible for all structural engineering for the development of parking facilities at Yankee Stadium. In total, this high-profile project provides over 10,000 parking spaces in and around the new ballpark through a combination of new and renovated surface and structured facilities.

To be ready for the opening of the 2009 baseball season, project scheduling and coordination were key.


More Information

Client: City of New York

Location: Bronx, NY

Highlights: FST was the recipient of a 2011 Silver Award from ACEC/Massachusetts for design of these facilities. Thie three-building complex also received the 2010 Building of America Award from Real Estate and Construction Reviewand a 2011 Gold Award from ACEC/NY.