Featured: Plymco Mill Brownfield Restoration


Plymco Mill Brownfield Restoration

Plymouth, MA


Environmental Projects:


Contaminated sites can present considerable risk, both in loss of asset value and potential liability. FST's site assessment process evaluates potential or confirmed releases of hazardous substances that may pose a threat to human health or the environment. FST's experienced professional engineers can provide guidance on reaching environmentally sound solutions for groundwater and soil contamination. Our professionals have performed hundreds of environmental site assessments under ASTM protocols and under numerous similar regulations in the U.S. and abroad.

Many of FST's clients face the challenges of remediating sites contaminated with petroleum, chlorinated solvents such as PCEs and TCEs, and other environmentally hazardous materials. We work with our clients to assess clean-up goals and tailor each remediation program to optimize results, while mindful of budget limitations. Our engineers draw from extensive experience with a broad range of remediation technologies, both traditional and innovative, to provide clients with a comprehensive environmental solution that will enable productive use of an affected site.

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Environmental Services:

♦ Phase I Assessments

♦ LSP (Licensed Site Professional) Services

♦ Groundwater Monitoring

♦ Soil Sampling

♦ Fuel Spill Remediation

♦ Underground Oil Tank Removal

♦ In-Situ Chemical Oxidization

♦ SVE Design and Installation

♦ Engineering Cost Estimates

♦ Indoor Air/Mold Abatement

♦ Spill Fund Reimbursement

♦ Risk-Based Corrective Action (RCBA)

♦ Operations, Maintenance & Monitoring