Great Falls Elementary School


Great Falls Elementary School

Gorham, ME

About this Project

FST acted as a subconsultant to assist on the Gorham Middle School and Great Falls Elementary School projects by preparing the civil-site drawings and providing permitting assistance. The design of each addressed concerns identified by the educational staff and community. They included flexible classroom spaces, room for students to work independently, enlarged science classrooms, and dispersed technology areas.

The middle school is designed for 750 students at the time of initial occupancy, with core facilities for 900 students. Future expansion can be easily accommodated on the site. The elementary school is designed for 550 students.

The middle school building has a footprint of approximately 98,500 square feet. The overall floor area is approximately 140,000 square feet. The disturbed area was approximately 22 acres, and the total impervious cover (structure) is 5.44 acres.

Offsite improvements included widening the southerly end of Weeks Road, a sidewalk on one side of a portion of Weeks Road between the principal entrance and South Street, and construction of a sidewalk around the cul-de-sac of Solomon Drive. Portions of Route 114 were improved for turn lanes, and a signal at the intersection with Weeks Road and sidewalks were installed to complete the link between the school and Gorham Village. Sidewalks or trails link the project to adjacent residential neighborhoods all of which currently have sidewalks. Permit approvals for the project included Town of Gorham Site Plan Approval, Maine Department of Environmental Protection Site Location of Development Act, as well as a Natural Resources Protection Act Wetlands Permit.

More Information

Owner: PDT Architects (Client)

Location: Gorham, Maine

Highlights: The site was designed to support the school with bus queuing for 14 buses, a separate parent drop-off area, and parking for approximately 200 vehicles. The design also provided a truck service area for deliveries, trash, and recyclables.