3-D Visualization, Burns Bridge


3-D Visualization, Burns Bridge

Shrewsbury-Worcester, MA


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About this Project

FST developed an interactive Adobe Flash presentation, including renderings and animation, for a design-build technical proposal shortlist interview and a public meeting. Our 3D models included lighting studies that incorporated daylight shadows and aesthetic bridge lighting renderings. FST used physically accurate sun/sky properties and manufacturer-supplied Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) files to generate highly accurate renderings.

The model was ultimately used for conflict/clash detection with utilities and many structural components. An animation was also used to demonstrate the construction schedule and methods for construction, including the innovative use of a "perched" pier cap.

More Information

Owner: MassDOT

Location: Worcester-Shrewsbury, Mass.

Highlights: Design-Build construction method required significant foresight and meticulous planning among all team members to complete the project on time.MassDOT monitors the project with a camera that takes a still photo every 15 minutes. You can find it here.