Backup Power Generator at Call Center


Backup Power Generator at Call Center

University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA


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About this Project

For the University of Massachusetts Medical School, FST provided electrical, civil and structural design services to facilitate the replacement and design of two new outdoor generator sets. The university-owned tenant buildings were located at 100 Century Drive and 373 Plantation Street in Worcester.

The scope of work at 100 Century Drive included the replacement of the 100KW standby generator with a 900kW unit to supply the entire facility during a power outage. The 100kW generator provided standby power for the call center only. The design also included the installation of a new 3-section outdoor switchboard type line-up mounted in a weatherproof, walk-in enclosure with integral automatic transfer switch. The existing utility metering was removed and relocated outside the building at the transformer location. Coordination with the UMass elevator maintenance personnel was required to identify the present controller configurations and implement a 15 second delay for motor starting. FST oversaw the services of a subconsultant to who performed a noise assessment study at the site to determine the present and post generator installation noise levels, including a report on any mitigation measures. It was determined that a 35db sound-attenuated generator enclosure would be required to ensure that the gen set operated without disturbing the building occupants or neighbors located adjacent to the site. FST coordinated the pre-purchase of the generator and outdoor switchboard line-up to meet the construction deadlines. Demolition include the removal of the existing 100KW standby generator after the new standby unit was on-line.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management

Location: Worcester, MA

Highlights: Resiliency Measures

  • Facility load study
  • New generator for complete facility power
  • Outdoor and self-contained with main breaker and automatic transfer switch