Bremen Street Park East Boston Greenway


Bremen Street Park East Boston Greenway

East Boston, MA


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About this Project

The development of Bremen Street Park, led by FST, was a close and interactive process involving the community, the City of East Boston, and the designers. Neighborhood residents were highly active in the programming and design of the Park.

The 18.5-acre neighborhood park extends four blocks along Bremen Street neary Boston Logan International Airport. There are entrances at each of five cross streets; a new sidewalk; and additional street parking.

Bremen Street Park was designed to accommodate a mix of uses and age groups. It incorporates pedestrian and bicycle paths, a performance area, playgrounds, a spray pool and water fountain, a rest room building, a community growing center, a community garden, as well as extensive lawn and landscaped areas. It also includes a bronze bust of Donald McKay, responding to the community's desire to display East Boston's history in public art. The sculpture is adjacent to the outdoor theater.

The East Boston Greenway, a major parkway system, links several East Boston parks. The City constructed the first phase of the East Boston Greenway, which will eventually link Piers Park on the East Boston waterfront to the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation. The first phase of this Greenway follows an abandoned rail line in a grade-separated route from the waterfront to Bremen Street Park and along the eastern edge of the park, terminating just beyond its northern end.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Port Authority

Location: East Boston, MA

Highlights: FST worked with landscape architect and urban planning firm Brown, Richardson & Roe, as well as Rizzo Associates, to develop Bremen Street Park. The project was recognized as a finalist for the Urban Land Institute Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award.