Gasoline Filling Station - Sherborn, Mass.


Gasoline Filling Station - Sherborn, Mass.

Sherborn, MA


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About this Project

A release of gasoline to groundwater was documented during a routine Environmental Site Assessment conducted in anticipation of property re-financing. The Site is a mixed-use retail property consisting of a gasoline filling station, a Dunkin Donuts, a sandwich shop, and a bank ATM. Drinking water to the site is supplied by an on-site private water supply well. FST was hired to conduct assessment and remedial activities to reduce petroleum concentrations and prevent subsequent contamination of the private water supply well. A remedial plan consisting of in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) treatments was conducted at the site. Four (4) ISCO treatments of 1,500 gallons of modified Fenton’s Reagent were applied via high pressure GeoProbe® injections. The injections of Fenton’s Reagent were followed by a one time treatment utilizing sodium percarbonate, a “solid” chemical oxidizer which releases hydrogen peroxide, to promote longer term treatment of residual petroleum in soil. The ISCO treatments were successful in reducing petroleum contaminants throughout the site to below applicable regulatory standards for drinking water, with the exception of one location adjacent to and below the site building. Based on the infeasibility to achieve a permanent solution, A Class C-1 Response Action Outcome documenting No Substantial Hazards was submitted to MADEP. This temporary closure was evaluated and agreed by all parties, including both former and present owners, and the financial institution holding the mortgage on the property.

More Information

Owner: Town of Sherborn, Massachusetts (client)

Location: Sherborn, Massachusetts

Highlights: FST prepared Phase II and Phase III regulatory submittals demonstrating significant petroleum reduction sufficient to have eliminated any substantial hazards concerning the on-site drinking water supply.