Plymco Mill Brownfield Restoration


Plymco Mill Brownfield Restoration

Plymouth, MA


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About this Project

FST assisted the Town of Plymouth with due diligence for the acquisition of a former mill property. The property sits on the historic Town Brook, and for well over two hundred years various mills were located on the property. Most recently the mill was used for lumber goods. The town wanted to obtain the property primarily to resolve issues related to a failing, privately owned dam. Funding was available through MassDevelopment's Brownfields Restoration Fund. The project removed two failing dams, restored fish passage and habitat, and provided open space and a recreational corridor extending from the Plymouth Harbor to the Billington Sea.


More Information

Owner: Town of Plymouth

Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts

Highlights: This project had significant historic and ecological implications and also economic benefits resulting from improved fisheries and support of the tourism industry.