Queset Commons


Queset Commons

Easton, MA


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About this Project

FST is the engineer of record for Queset Commons, a Smart Growth mixed use development project in the Town of Easton, Massachusetts. FST was instrumental in assisting the developer, Douglas A. King Builders, Inc., in preparing and presenting conceptual project plans, addressing community concerns over site design, traffic and parking impacts, wetlands protection and wastewater treatment; and in filing a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) with the Massachusetts MEPA office. FST also presented the project at the Easton Town Meeting (May 2008) that approved the "Queset Smart Growth Overlay District" that was adopted by the Town in compliance with M.G.L. Chapter 40R.

The site is located near major roads with quick, direct access to Route 24 and is located within 0.4 miles of the Brockton Area Transit (BAT) service stop. Engineering work included site access, parking, and traffic mitigation; advanced wastewater treatment systems; water and other utilities design; and creative site design that incorporated Low Impact Development stormwater management and water re-use systems.

After Town approval of the 40R zoning district, FST prepared more definitive and complete Master Plans showing proposed site building layouts, site grading, stormwater management, wastewater treatment facilities, above and below ground parking, access and pedestrian ways, etc. We successfully moved the project through all local planning and permitting processes with encouragement of the community and stakeholder collaboration. Permits have been obtained from the Easton Plan Approval Authority (PAA /planning board) and the Easton Conservation Commission. The PAA issued approval of the Master Plan in December 2009, and the Conservation Commission issued its Permit for Work/Order of Conditions (per local and state wetlands regulations) in January 2010.

Since approval of the Master Plan, FST has completed a Final EIR, approved by the State; completed a Hydrogeological Evaluation Report for the proposed wastewater treatment discharge of 100,000 gallons per day, approved by MassDEP; provided support for the Groundwater Discharge Permit application which included design plans for the collection sewers and effluent disposal leaching fields; and submitted Definitive Plans to the Easton PAA to obtain approval for construction of Phase 1 of the project (new apartment building, new mixed use building, and wastewater treatment plant building).

More Information

Owner: Douglas A. King Building, Inc.

Location: Easton, MA

Highlights: FST designed the Queset Commons development to incorporate mixed land uses, compact building design, multiple housing types and opportunities, walkable neighborhoods, distinctive and attractive communities, preservation of open space and environment, and low impact development stormwater management.