Railroad Lane Area Improvements


Railroad Lane Area Improvements

Hardwick, MA


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About this Project

The project area consisted of three small residential streets beginning with Railroad Lane and looping via Grove Street to Bridge Street, and ending at the intersection with Route 32 (Main Street). The area experienced drainage problems caused by the terrain, resulting in roadways with broken and uneven pavement. The existing sewers were built outside of the public right-of-way, making them difficult to access and maintain.

In addition, the neighborhood did not have sufficient fire flow volume and pressure due to an inadequately sized water main which crossed private property with no easements in place.

FST designed the following upgrades to the Railroad Lane area:

New fire protection service to the Bridge Street area:

  • New domestic water main and service connections
  • Relocation of sewers to the public right-of-way
  • New drainage on Bridge Street
  • Reset granite curbing on Bridge Street
  • New sidewalk on Bridge Street and Grove Street
  • Rebuild stone wall on Railroad Lane
  • New pavement surfaces on Railroad Lane, Grove Street, and Bridge Street

More Information

Owner: Town of Hardwick

Location: Hardwick, Massachusetts

Highlights: FST provided design and construction phase services, including onsite inspection, for this infrastructure improvement project.