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Reserved Channel Construction Administration

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FST began work on this sewer separation project for the Boston Water & Sewer Commission in January 2009. It involves construction administration and resident inspection services for nine separate construction contracts valued at over $50 million. This project is part of the Federal court ordered clean-up of Boston Harbor and has a court-ordered completion date of 2015. The work primarily involves installation of over 8 miles of new drain pipes ranging in size from 12-inch diameter up to 84-inch diameter to accomplish the sewer separation. It also includes: the installation of over 7 miles of new water pipe to replace existing pipe due to age or condition; the installation of over 3 miles of new sewer due to condition or proximity to the proposed drain location and rehabilitation by CIPP liner of approximately a mile of existing sewer for those same reasons; the restoration of four combined sewer outfalls which will remain as drainage outfalls upon completion of the sewer separation; and two pavement restoration contracts to restore roadways throughout the project area
This section of South Boston, tributary to the Reserved Channel, is a heavily developed residential and commercial area. The streets are already congested with public and private underground utilities. Numerous test pits were required to determine if design modifications were necessary prior to beginning a particular reach of drain. FST prepared and coordinated a significant number of redesigns during the course of the project.
Public meetings were held prior to beginning each construction contract and frequent updates provided at special neighborhood organizations’ regular meetings. A project field office was established in a centrally located building that serves as an office for resident inspection staff, as a location for weekly meetings with contractors and utility representatives, and as a place residents can come or call to make inquiries or resolve issues that arise during construction.

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Owner: Boston Water & Sewer Commission

Location: Boston, Massachusetts