Wachusett Aqueduct Pumping Station


Wachusett Aqueduct Pumping Station

Marlborough, MA


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About this Project

FST is designing a new 240 million gallon per day pumping station adjacent to the Forebay Channel on the site of the Carroll Water Treatment Plant (CWTP) in Marlborough, MA. FST was the original author of the Conceptual Design Report for these new facilities. The pump station will provide a redundant water supply to the CWTP in the event that the Cosgrove Tunnel is removed from service for maintenance or during an emergency.  
Key area of FST’s work include:

  • Pumping station siting requirements.
  • Determining pump operating characteristics.
  • Developing a control strategy for the operation of the system from the Wachusett Reservoir through the CWTP.
  • Determining how pumping station and Wachusett Aqueduct control logic can be seamlessly integrated into the plant control logic.
  • Determining how to control flows from the Wachusett Aqueduct to match pumping station and CWTP flow requirements.
  • Determining the capacity of the Wachusett Aqueduct.
  • Mitigating the impacts of hydraulic transients that would result from a sudden shutdown of the pumping station.
  • Defining the operational impacts and limitations to the system during full plant and half-plant operation.
  • Developing criteria and procedures for testing and accepting the completed facilities.
  • Developing procedures for the periodic testing of the pumping station.
  • Developing procedures for starting the pumping station in an actual emergency or planned maintenance activity.
  • Developing a construction sequence that minimizes or avoids disruption in plant operations.



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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Marlborough, Massachusetts

Building design includes photovoltaic panels to provide power for interior lighting and a geothermal heat pump system for heating and cooling building.