Water Mains Rehabilitation


Water Mains Rehabilitation

Fall River, MA


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About this Project

To improve system hydraulics and maintain water quality, much of the City of Fall River's infrastructure required rehabilitation or replacement. Initially, FST undertook a water supply study evaluating the existing surface water supplies, treatment and distribution facilities. We then summarized our findings and recommended improvements in a Waterworks Master Plan Report.

Seven FST-designed and administered contracts, funded through DEP's Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, have been completed. In total, 82,000 lf of 8-inch water main, 23,000 lf of 12-inch water main, and 16,700 feet of 16-inch water main were replaced.

FST also completed design for three additional water main replacement contracts that involve a total of 24,000 lf of 8-inch pipe, 3,150 lf of 12-inch water main, and 3,250 feet of 16-inch water main.

More Information

Owner: City of Fall River

Location: Fall River, MA

Highlights: FST has designed and provided services during construction for several pipeline replacements that resulted from FST's Master Plan recommendations.