New Hampshire

Pennichuck Water Treatment Plant


Pennichuck Water Treatment Plant

Nashua, NH

About this Project

The Pennichuck Water Works treatment plant experienced difficulty meeting the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. To provide the most complete, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable solution, FST completed a pilot study, a facilities evaluation and design of three construction contracts.

FST's integrated approach included the first installation of in-reservoir treatment in New Hampshire to improve water quality at the source. These techniques have resulted in improved water quality, reducing the quantity of chemicals required for proper treatment. Facility improvements included a unique approach to rehabilitating the clarification system and doubling the number of filters to increase the treatment capacity, all within the existing building footprint. Nearly every treatment process was replaced while maintaining operation of the only source of drinking water for PWW customers.

All improvements to the water treatment plant were performed to meet the client's goals while minimizing impact to the environment. Many sustainable design components were included.

More Information

Owner: Pennichuck Water Works, Inc.

Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

Project Highlights: The Pennichuck project included New Hampshire's first installation of in-reservoir treatment to improve water quality at the source. It was also an ACEC Massachusetts Gold Award Winner and Finalist for the Grand Conceptor Award in 2010.