New Hampshire

Public Access Improvements


Public Access Improvements

Winnisquam Lake, NH

About this Project

Winnisquam Lake is one of the NH Lakes Region's most popular and beautiful boating destinations.  A dwindling number of public access sites greatly reduced the public's ability to enjoy this natural resource. With a widely publicized promise to make building a Winnisquam Lake public boat ramp a priority, the Fish & Game Dept. turned to FST to help make the new resource a reality.

In short order, a potential site was identified. FST wasted no time in beginning the site evaluation and conceptual design.  The site was reconnoitered by helicopter, observing such site conditions as shallow water/sand bars. Digital photographs were taken for concept plans and photosimulations.  FST worked closely with Fish & Game, the Army Corps of Engineers, and NH Dept. of Environmental Services to identify permitting concerns as early as possible.

A multi-faceted soil boring and sampling/testing program provided the basis for a Phase 2 Hazardous Waste Site Assessment and simultaneously, data for design of site drainage, the boat ramp, and waterfront bulkhead/dock designs. After working through several preliminary concepts, FST developed a concept plan and digital photosimulation, which was presented at a Public Open House, and resulted in near unanimous public support. Lake Winnisquam Watershed Association members went on record in overwhelming support of the proposed boat ramp.  With this public consensus, and with topographic survey and bathymetry, completed, FST will move quickly through the next phases of design. FST donated food and provided volunteer staff to help run the July, 2008 Grand Opening celebration.


More Information

Owner: New Hampshire Fish & Game Department

Location: Lake Winnisquam, New Hampshire

Highlights: The project was awarded ACEC-NH’s Engineering Excellence Award in the Water Resources category.