New York

Bowling Green Station


Bowling Green Station

New York, NY


About this Project

FST led a team of engineers and architects In order to provide handicap accessibility for the 100 year-old Bowling Green Station for the NYC Transit Authority. Bowling Green Station (4th Avenue Lexington Avenue Line) is located in Manhattan, steps away from the historic U.S. Customs House, Battery Park and the NYCTA offices at 2 Broadway. It is one of the 100 stations in the transit system that has been designated as a "Key Station." This designation required that the station be upgraded to meet the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines.

FST led a multidiscipline team to design station improvements including the installation of two new elevators, structural modifications, platform and control area improvements, new offices, and modifications to the electrical and mechanical systems. Working closely with the NYCTA staff, FST developed a design that allowed construction to progress efficiently while maintaining the high level of service demanded at this location.

More Information

Owner: New York City Transit Authority

Location: New York, New York

Highlights: Bowling Green is New York City's oldest park. According to legend, it is the site where the island of Manhattan was sold to Peter Minuit in 1626.