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Brandywine Village 40B Development

Franklin, MA

Private Companies

One important attribute that differentiates FST from many other firms is our solid understanding that the objectives and motivation of private companies on a project is often far different than those of a public entity. For example, while schedule is usually important on all projects, we may find that the completion date is an even higher priority for a retail developer whose ability to successfully finance a project could hinge on an on-time opening. Understanding the situation and working collaboratively with the owner and the project team is how we continually produce winning projects for our private-sector clients.

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FST's Private Company Clients Include:

♦ Benderson Development

♦ Marinella Development

♦ Hess Companies

♦ Mobil/Exxon

♦ Equity Office

♦ Prismatic Corp.

♦ Hannaford Brothers