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Westfield Station Temporary Railroad Trestle


Westfield Station Temporary Railroad Trestle

Westfield, NJ

About this Project

FST assisted Prismatic Development Corporation with the construction of the Westfield High Level Station Platform Project, NJT 96CJ048. FST undertook the design and construction of a temporary railroad trestle to support rail traffic during the construction of an under-grade pedestrian tunnel.

NJ Transit’s plans included provisions for the contractor to design the temporary trestle.
FST completed structural design responsibilities and construction assistance. The steel trestle was supported by steel pile bents.

More Information

Owner: New Jersey Transit

Location: Westfield, NJ

Highlights: A key part of the project was development of a staging plan that allowed construction and removal of the trestle during low volume weekend periods. Construction plans were developed for both installation and removal of the trestle. The work was completed within the weekend periods without disruption of rail traffic.