Rhode Island

Water Filtration Facility


Water Filtration Facility

Jamestown, RI


About this Project

FST completed an evaluation of Jamestown's water supply and treatment facilities to address the highly colored water from North and South Ponds. The town's primary source of water is North Pond, also know as the Carr Pond Reservoir. This water supply is occasionally not able to meet the Town's needs. FST evaluated historical water quality data from North and South Ponds and conducted additional water quality analyses.

FST evaluated the impact of:

  • Current and future known SDWA requirements
  • Alternative color removal technologies including ozonation, granular activated carbon, membrane filtration, upflow adsorption (Microfloc technology), upflow floc-blanket clarification, and conventional media filtration;
  • Water supply management strategies;
  • Alternative sources of supply to maximize water quality and quantity.

The report summarized findings and recommendations and included a $12 million CIP with a prioritized list of improvements. It was decided to modify the chlorine dioxide system and construct a new state-of-the-art membrane facility instead of rehabilitating the existing 1900 vintage facility.

Based on the results of this evaluation, FST completed an ultra-filtration pilot utilizing the GE/Zenon Zeeweed immersed-membrane process that was able to successfully treat water from South Pond, as well as the less colored North Pond. Reverse osmosis was also piloted for a brackish well supply. This membrane filtration plant is the first ultrafiltration plant in RI.

More Information

Owner: Town of Jamestown

Location: Jamestown, Rhode Island

Highlights: FST received a 2013 Silver Award for its submission, "Fitting the Pieces Together: Jamestown's Water Supply Dilemma" from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts.