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Boat Ramp Replacement

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Numerous projects for New Hampshire Fish & Game have benefited from improvements designed by FST.  Recreational access, suitable for boaters and anglers, is the focus of this program. Examples include Cedar Pond in Milan, Sand Pond in Marlow and Umbagog Lake in Cambridge.
FST did the design for these replacement projects, which are boating access sites with precast concrete ramps. The replaced ramps had either outlived their useful lives or fell into disrepair due to environmental factors.

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Owner: New Hampshire Fish & Game

Location: Various New Hampshire Lakes

HighlightsFST developed a process that allows quick turnaround of ramp replacement drawings for permitting and construction at minimal cost to NHF&G. FST's streamlined approach (which includes use of existing plans for base information rather than field survey), allows repair to these sites as quickly as possible.