Gloucester Water Works


Gloucester Water Works

Gloucester, MA


About this Project

The City of Gloucester, through its Department of Public Works and Water Department, performed a complete turnaround of a public drinking water system that had suffered through a 20-day boil water order in 2009. The crisis was the result of aging infrastructure at the Babson and West Gloucester Water Treatment Facilities and prompted an administrative consent order (ACO) from the Massachusetts DEP. The City’s aggressive, fast-track improvement program resulted in far better water quality and reliability for residential and commercial customers. FST designed improvements to both plants over a 12-week period. 

Following bench-scale testing, FST developed the design for improvements to the Babson and West Gloucester WTPs over a 12 week periodin 2009-2010, with the bid in mid-March. The design included new treatment technologies as well as improvements to existing processes, a new electrical distribution center at the Babson plant, pump station rehabilitation, installation and implementation of complete SCADA systems at both the Babson and West Gloucester WTPs to allow for complete automatic operation, and the installation of fiber optic and radio communication between three WTPs, three water storage tanks, three raw water pump stations, and one distribution system booster pump station.

Since the boil order, FST has designed and provided administrative services for over $21 million in system improvements.

More Information

Owner: City of Gloucester

Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts

Highlights: All improvements were completed on time and within budget prior to the ACO deadline. For its efforts, the City of Gloucester and its DPW were recognized by the Massachusetts DEP as a Regional Drinking Water Award Winner in May 2015.