Herter Hall HVAC Upgrades


Herter Hall HVAC Upgrades

UMass Amherst


About this Project

For DCAM, FST completed major HVAC upgrades at Herter Hall. This building has two connected asymmetrical sections totaling 113,000 square foot of floor area. Section 1 of the building has seven floors and a basement. Classrooms are located on the first two floors, and offices are located on the remaining five floors. The mechanical rooms are located in the basement and in the penthouse. Section 2 has two floors, including two lecture halls, and a basement. Mechanical rooms are located in the basement and between the lecture halls.

FST completed HVAC design for the installation of two replacement chillers, one absorption unit sized at 500 tons, the other a centrifugal chiller sized at 250 tons. Only one chiller can work at any given time, with lead chiller selection coordinated with the Campus Energy Engineer. FST completed contract documents on a schedule to ensure that chiller installation was completed during the summer months, before students returned to campus.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts

Highlights: The principal objectives of this project were to:

  • Improve indoor air quality through replacement of existing systems and increasing ventilation
  • Bring building HVAC systems up to code
  • Interconnect local chilled water system of Herter Hall into three-building combined central cooling plant