Hopkinton Pavement Management


Hopkinton Pavement Management

Hopkinton, MA


About this Project

In 2002, FST implemented a townwide pavement management program.

Afterwards, FST calculated the PCI and generated preliminary repair recommendations for each segment, which DPW and FST conducted a 10 percent quality assurance check to verify computer output. Based on findings, FST customized the software’s repair decision matrix to trigger both normal repairs carried out by the Town, and new preservation maintenance type repair alternatives.

Upon Town review of computer software output, FST modeled and studied several long-term funding scenarios using pavement management software to determine the optimal level of funding and analyzed the impact of alternate funding scenarios. FST produced a written report of findings and recommendations for the Board of Selectmen. Since the study, the town has elected to increase their annual roadway budget by 40 percent.

Also as part of this project, FST delivered ESRI shapefiles for spatial mapping of infrastructure assets. The data layers included pavement segments, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, curbs, catch basins, manholes, culverts, water valves, and hydrants.


More Information

Owner: Town of Hopkinton

Location: Hopkinton, MA

Highlights: FST continues to provide annual pavement management system updates, construction management, pavement sampling/ laboratory testing, and pavement design to investigate various rehabilitation alternatives to determine the most cost effective roadway repair to achieve a 20-year design life for the Town of Hopkinton.