Lynnfield-Saugus Pipeline


Lynnfield-Saugus Pipeline

Lynnfield & Saugus, MA


About this Project

The Lynnfield/Saugus Pipelines Project, designed by FST, replaces the MWRA’s existing 8-inch water main that supplies the Lynnfield Water District Pumping Station. Since this work will require the construction of a new pipeline in Route 1, the MWRA partnered with the Town of Saugus to include the installation of a new water main to address the numerous water main breaks that have occurred from the old main.

The project required extensive coordination with MassDOT and the Town of Saugus. The Saugus and MWRA water mains will be installed simultaneously and will be constructed at night and as close to the shoulder as possible in order to minimize the disruption to traffic.

FST was responsible for the preparation of a Preliminary Design Report (PDR). The report included assessments on pipeline routing, geotechnical and corrosion analysis, environmental permitting and traffic control planning. The report presented the results of our assessments and recommendations for design and construction. FST assisted the MWRA in securing permits including Highway and Jacking Permits from MassDOT and an Order of Conditions from the Saugus Conservation Commission. Upon approval of the PDR, FST prepared final contract documents and assisted the MWRA in securing bids and awarding the contract. FST’s work during the construction phase included assisting the construction coordinator as well as resident inspection services. FST prepared record drawings, O& M manuals and coordinated training on new equipment as directed by the MWRA.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)

Location: Lynnfield and Saugus, MA

Highlights: The project included the installation of 6,000 feet of 12” water main for the Town of Saugus and approximately 4,240 feet of 36” water main and approximately 2,560 feet 24” water main for the MWRA.