Northborough Water System Master Plan


Northborough Water System Master Plan

Northborough, MA


About this Project

The Town of Northborough’s water supply system includes four well supplies and an interconnection to the MWRA water transmission system. Due to degrading water quality at the wells, the Town has been purchasing 100% of its water supply from the MWRA in recent years. As part of the Water System Master Plan Study, FST is evaluating the adequacy of the Town’s water supply, treatment and distribution system to provide the Town with a road map to address the water infrastructure requirements.

On the water distribution side, FST will complete hydrant flow tests to develop and calibrate a water system hydraulic model. This model will be used to evaluate the adequacy of the water distribution system including storade facilities to meet system operating pressure and fire flow requirements. This comprehensive master plan will include a prioritized 20-year capital improvement program to address needed improvements to the water supply, treatment and distribution facilities.

More Information

Owner: Town of Northborough

Location: Northborough, MA

Highlights: This project includes a cost/benefit analysis comparing MWRA supplied water to Town owned water supply sources, including future treament requirements, to determine the best approach for managing its water supply needs through the 20-year planning peiod.