Route 101 Traffic Calming


Route 101 Traffic Calming

Dublin, NH


About this Project

The Monadnock Traffic Calming Foundation (MTCF) and the Town of Dublin retained FST to prepare a master plan and preliminary design of a pilot traffic-calming project on Route 101, a major east-west arterial. The project received special funding from the NH for implementation of arterial traffic calming measures on a road that carries approximately 8,000 vehicles per day. While the Town has a population of fewer than 2,000, its setting is a significant tourist destination.

Grades in the project corridor exceed 10% in one area. The challenge was to develop a pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment with crosswalks and to restore an existing median to its historic oval dimensions while reducing travel speeds through the community. To achieve the project goals, FST, in a collaborative effort with the MTCF and the Town, developed new traffic calming features called ‘Dublin Ovals’ as gateway treatments along with enhanced pedestrian crossing areas.
The ovals reduce traffic speeds through the Town Center where schools, churches, businesses, civic offices and services are located, while allowing large volumes of traffic to move smoothly and freely through intersections.
Retaining walls, fences and other features in front of private residences were considered key design constraints, whether or not they were actually on private property or in the road Right of Way. FST developed special graphics and handouts highlighting these features during public presentations to ensure proper communication and understanding of potential options. FST conducted field investigations and on-site abutter meetings to show how a proposed feature such as a road shift, sidewalk, or a landscape strip might layout in front of their houses.
At a public meeting, to help people better understand typical sections, FST developed life size color plans over 40’ long showing sidewalks, landscape strips, and lane and shoulder widths in true to life size. Props such as baby strollers and bicycles were used to allow people to get a feel for the difference between lane and shoulder width options. The public meeting was successful in building consensus between all stakeholders and allowing the project to progress to the next steps.

More Information

Client: Town of Dublin

Location: Dublin, New Hampshire

Highlights: The goal of this project was reducing travel speeds through the community while restoring an existing median to its historic oval dimensions. It was the American Council of Engineering Companies of New Hampshire Engineering Excellence Awards Transportation Winner for 2013.