South Fork Bikeway, Phase 1


South Fork Bikeway, Phase 1

Long Island, NY


About this Project

The South Fork Bikeway, an important element of the Long Island Scenic Byway, extends more than 4 miles in a corridor paralleling the Long Island Rail Road, which is active with significant commuter use. The towns of East Hampton and Southampton, in conjunction with the New York State DOT selected FST to design the new facility.

Because of the proximity of the corridor to the railroad, the assessment of alternatives to maximize the safety of future users was paramount in the final routing. Environmental issues included potential wetland impacts and floodplains.

Abutters wanted to know how they would be affected. Involving the residents and addressing their concerns was a critical element in the early stages of the project to achieve consensus and ensure that questions about privacy were responded to with sensitivity during the design.

There are two bridge crossings to accommodate site grades and roadway alignments. Bridge design is similar to adjacent railroad bridges so the new facilities provide an aesthetic match and do not intrude on the landscape.

More Information

Owner: Towns of East Hampton and Southampton

Location: Long Island, New York

Highlights: Maintaining the character of the existing corridor was extremely important and drove FST’s design of this new public amenity.