UV Disinfection, Water Treatment Plant


UV Disinfection, Water Treatment Plant

Taunton, MA


About this Project

The City of Taunton has furnished water to the public since 1876 when the City began using the Taunton River for supply. Currently, approximately 55,000 people are served through a conventional water treatment plant in Lakeville, which treats water from the Assowompsett Ponds complex. FST completed design of a new 14 MGD capacity UV disinfection facility, believed to be New England's first surface water UV facility. It provides the City with an additional barrier of protection against pathogens.

The facility includes two UV reactors. The work included temporarily shutting down the plant, (the City's only source of supply), to cut in the new UV facility between the existing filters and the finished water reservoir.


More Information

Owner: City of Taunton

Location: Taunton, Massachusetts

Highlights: The new facility is one of many City projects by FST, part of a $60 million water system improvement plan to rehabilitate aging water infrastructure and facilities, to meet Safe Drinking Water Act requirements, and to improve the aesthetic quality of the water.