AirTrain JFK Station Improvements


AirTrain JFK Station Improvements

New York, NY

About this Project

Recent FST work for the Port Authority of NY & NJ has included two groups of inspections at AirTrain JFK stations. AirTrain JFK is a people mover system that connects JFK International Airport to the city's subway, commuter train, and airport parking lots. FST's work has involved condition surveys of 10 station buildings along the Jamaica line, Howard Beach line, and the Terminal loop of the AirTrain. The Operations Building that is used as the control center and as the maintenance shops for the railway cars was also included in the survey. The survey required extensive coordination with the JFK Operations and Bombardier group and the tenants for scheduling track closures. The inspection work involved the use of high lifts.

More Information

Owner: Port Authority of New York/New Jersey

Location: Queens, NY

Highlights: The survey required extensive coordination over the issue of scheduling track closures.