Gasoline Filling/Service Station - Newton, Mass.


Gasoline Filling/Service Station - Newton, Mass.

Newton, MA


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FST documented gasoline contamination of groundwater due to historical site use during an Environmental Site Assessment in anticipation of the sale of the property. The site is located within the Interim Wellhead Protection Area (IWPA) of two public water supply wells for an adjacent town. FST was hired to perform assessment and remedial activities design to achieve site closure prior to the sale of the property. The team instituted a groundwater treatment program consisting of in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) treatments utilizing modified Fenton’s Reagent for accelerated site closure. The team installed an array of injection wells and performed a series of six (6) ISCO treatment events. A total of 13,860 gallons of modified Fenton’s Reagent was applied over the six treatment events, resulting in significant reductions in gasoline contaminant concentrations throughout the site.

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Owner: Private Owner

Location: Newton, Massachusetts

Highlights: FST performed a risk evaluation of the site following the ISCO treatments and concluded that a case for site specific reevaluation of the groundwater classification was possible. FST also prepared a Class A-2 Response Action Outcome reportdocumenting a permanent closure of the release less than two years from the date of the release notification.