Black Falcon Terminal


Black Falcon Terminal

South Boston, MA

About this Project

As the original designers of this terminal, FST has been involved in many different assignments here over the years, including improvements and repairs to the primary electrical infrastructure.

FST prepared a detailed analysis of electrical requirements for both Massport and its tenant operations. FST’s work involved a site survey to determine the conditions of the pier’s electrical distribution system including equipment and cabling, pier raceway provisions, and Building Nos. 118 and 119.  FST prepared a load study for both the existing and projected load requirements.  FST then developed the electrical distribution system and sizing of equipment and materials to satisfy both the existing and future requirements.

FST also conducted a voltage drop study to determine the appropriate sizing of distribution cabling and a short circuit study to determine the interrupting requirements for electric equipment for the distribution system.

Subsequent to the study, FST electrical engineers designed the infrastructure for the distribution system within the buildings including preliminary and final design and construction bid documents.  The project required an accelerated approach to advance the program to completion.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Port Authority

Location: Boston, MA

Highlights: Major fast-track electrical improvement program at a facility that is part of the former Boston Army Base, a historically significant building in Boston's Seaport District that FST began working on in 1918.