Englewood Avenue Bridge Replacement


Englewood Avenue Bridge Replacement

Englewood, NJ

About this Project

FST provided structural design services for the rehabilitation of the Englewood Avenue Bridge (Bridge No. 15C) including a full superstructure replacement. The project was initiated due to the deficient load-carrying capacity of the bridge superstructure.

To complete the project, a General Wetlands Permit No. 10 was obtained from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The waterway opening of the original structure was maintained for the replacement superstructure.

FST replaced the existing jack arch superstructure with a precast concrete voided plank superstructure and a concrete deck. The concrete planks were set on rein-forced concrete caps set on the existing stone abutments. The project was complicated by the existing utilities crossing the bridge.

A temporary pedestrian bridge was used at a down-stream location supported by the existing retaining walls of Overpeck Creek. 

More Information

Owner: Bergen County

Location: Englewood, New Jersey

Highlights: The structure was also used as a temporary gas main crossing. Twelve telephone ducts located in the sidewalk slab of the existing and proposed structure were suspended from overhead utility poles during construction.