Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge


Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge

Worcester - Shrewsbury, MA

About this Project

The Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge carries Route 9 over Lake Quinsigamond. The new bridge will be the fifth at this location, the first being a floating bridge that consisted of logs chained together to carry the wagons and stage coaches on the Boston-Worcester Turnpike. The current concrete deck arch bridge dates to 1916 and has been repaired and reconfigured several times in the past 96 years. The bridge has reached the end of its useful lifespan and must be replaced. The new replacement bridge will cost approximately $89 million and take two years to build.
The replacement bridge addresses a variety of deficiencies as follows:

  • A wider profile with three east and westbound travel lanes for vehicles with bicycle accommodating shoulders on both sides.
  • New ADA sidewalks on both sides with "bump-outs" over each pier featuring seating for regatta viewers and anyone looking to enjoy the Lake.
  • A westbound right turn lane at the intersection of Route 9 and Lake Avenue to accommodate motorists traveling to UMass and points north from the east.
  • A westbound left turn lane at the intersection of Route 9 and Lake Avenue to eliminate the current need to make a U-turn north of the intersection.
  • The complete reconstruction of the intersection and installation of new traffic signal equipment to improved levels of service for vehicular traffic.
  • A more open steel construction and an open median between the east and westbound lanes of the bridge will allow light and air under the structure, providing a more comfortable experience for boaters.
  • Stormwater will be captured and treated before discharge to the Lake.

The replacement bridge will be a 5-span steel deck arch bridge approximately 870 feet from end to end. It will be approximately 143 feet wide. This type was selected based on stakeholder input from the public involvement process to date, the ability to minimize environmental and right-of-way impacts, the ability to use accelerated construction techniques, lower construction and life-cycle costs, bridge aesthetics, and ease of construction staging.

More Information

Location: Worcester - Shrewsbury, MA

Client: Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Highlights: See FST's 3-D visualization of the bridge here.