Former Dry Cleaners - Medford, Mass.


Former Dry Cleaners - Medford, Mass.

Medford, MA


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About this Project

FST conducted investigations related to a release of PCE at a former dry cleaner. Initial response actions were performed under an Immediate Response Action that resulted from an Imminent Hazard condition in indoor air at an abutting downgradient office building.  Our initial task was to identify the vapor intrusion pathway to the office building and prepare a remedial response to eliminate the vapor pathway. The investigations performed included an assessment of soil, groundwater, soil gas mapping, and indoor air sampling. 

FST developed an IRA plan for MADEP approval to address the vapor intrusion and Imminent Hazard condition at the downgraident building. We investigated multiple options to address the vapor intrusion problem, and installed a sub-slab depressurization and venting system. The soil gas venting and depressurization system, which continues to operate, successfully eliminated the PCE in indoor air.

Additional response actions to delineate the extent of PCE in soil and groundwater were performed, and FST prepared a remedial plan to reduce the contamination and risk to allow for redevelopment of the former dry cleaner property. 


More Information

Owner: Private Developer

Location: Medford, Massachusetts

Highlights: The high visibility and level of concern for this release site required continual communications with MADEP and frequent updates to occupants of the downgradient office building to explain the air results and the associated risks.