Former Dry Cleaners - Waltham, Mass.


Former Dry Cleaners - Waltham, Mass.

Waltham, MA


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Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc. conducted assessment and remediation at a former dry cleaning facility where PCE released to the soil and groundwater resulted in contamination below the site and surrounding area. The work was complicated by the intrusion of PCE vapors into surrounding homes and businesses resulting in an Immediate Response Action to eliminate or mitigate the vapor intrusion pathway. A remedial program consisting of soil excavation and post excavation ISCO with potassium permanganate to reduce residual PCE in soil and groundwater was implemented. The ISCO treatment utilized an innovative recirculating system which operated for several months. Following site remediation concentrations of PCE in groundwater had been reduced to below regulator cleanup standards. Based on the reductions PCE in soil, groundwater, and indoor air, a temporary closure was implemented. 

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Owner: Private Developer

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Highlights: Continued indoor air testing has demonstrated continuing reductions in indoor air concentrations at surrounding properties, where it is now feasible to achieve a Permanent Solution.