Emergency Generator & Switchgear Upgrades


Emergency Generator & Switchgear Upgrades

Connecticut DCS

About this Project

A project awarded to FST through the Division of Construction Services on-call contract involves the upgrade of an emergency generator and switchgear at the Connecticut Veterans’ Home at Rocky Hill, CT. The installation of the generator also requires relocation of a sanitary sewer and storm drain.

The upgraded standyby generator is needed to maintain full power during a power outage. Prior to improvements, the utility service was provided by three 333 kVA single phase transformers (1000 kVA service). When power was lost, the generator could only provide power to a limited number of loads, and an operator had to manually select which loads to power in an outage. The improvements provided a sufficient standby generator to handle all building loads in the event of a power outage.

FST provided design and construction-phase services for the upgrade of a 2,300-volt, 500 kW engine-generator to a new 1000 kV unit to support the Rocky Hill Veteran’s Home. Project phasing was required to maintain service to the building. We accomplished this by phasing construction in such a manner to ensure power outages are limited to less than one hour. This was achieved by providing the facility with a temporary 1000 kW generator during the switch over from the existing system to the new system.

More Information

Owner: Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs

Location: Rocky Hill, CT

Highlights: FST's role in the project came about as part of a long-term on-call contract with the Connecticut Division of Construction Services.