On-Call Services at Heckscher State Park


On-Call Services at Heckscher State Park

East Islip, NY

About this Project

FST developed the scope for the renovations of the beach facilities at Heckscher State Park. FST inspected the South Beach Pool Complex and Main Beach Complex and documented the condition of their respective assemblies/systems that were in need of upgrade/renovation/ replacement. Buildings inspected at the South Beach Pool Complex include: Administration Building; Concessions Building; and Men’s and Women’s Bathhouses. Buildings inspected at the West Bathing Beach Area include the Comfort Stations, Concessions Building and Bathhouse.  FST prepared a report documenting their site observations and develop a Scope of Work for renovations at the facilities.

FST additionally conducted pile investigations at the site. The South Beach Pool facility is supported by approximately 1250 timber piles.  FST inspected 10% of the piles as a representation of the overall condition of the piles. Access to the piles was gained through one of the five access openings located within the site. The limited access to the underside of the deck qualifies it as a confined space. FST utilized a 4 person confined space entry team; 2 entrants (to perform the inspection), an attendant and an Entry Supervisor.  Piles were observed from the ground line to the bottom of the concrete pile cap.  Piles were sounded using a hammer to check for soundness.  Incremental diameter cores were taken from approximately 10% of the inspected piles and tested for microbiological deterioration (fungus).  For the piles that were creosote treated, incremental cores were taken from the inspected piles and test was conducted to determine the level of creosote retained within the pile.  All findings and recommendation were presented in an inspection report.

More Information

Owner: New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation, Long Island Region

Location: East Islip, NY

Highlights: The two primary components of the project were facilities renovation and pile investigation.