Brownfields Cleanup


Brownfields Cleanup

Carver, MA


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Fay, Spofford & Thorndike's recently acquired Norfolk Ram Group has been assisting the Town of Carver since 2000 in the hazardous waste clean-up of an abandoned property in Carver Center, which was formerly used as a petroleum storage facility. Our engineers performed extensive Phase II assessment activities on the property to assess the extent of contamination associated with underground storage tanks (USTs) used for gasoline storage. The firm conducted a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey to assess for underground storage tanks and directed the removal of several USTs discovered. Because the property and neighboring area are all served with private water supply wells, our engineers conducted an assessment of private water supply wells surrounding the site. Additional investigations included soil and groundwater sampling, soil gas sampling to evaluate potential vapor intrusion risks for residual petroleum in groundwater, and evaluation of future redevelopment scenarios planned by the town.

FST performed all phases of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan’s Comprehensive Site Assessment Activities from Phase I through Phase V, performed In Situ Chemical Oxidation through under Phase V remedial activities, and closed the site under a Class C-1 RAO in June 2010. The firm also assisted the town in applying for a Brownfield Clean-up Grant awarded by the EPA. The town was awarded $200,000 to assist in site clean-up activities.The Carver Fire Department is using the site for training activities, and future plans for the site include redevelopment into a Public Safety facility.

More Information

Owner: Town of Carver

Location: Carver, Massachusetts

Highlights; FST helped the town obtain a $200,000 grant for brownfields cleanup.