Former Dry Cleaners - Framingham, Mass.


Former Dry Cleaners - Framingham, Mass.

Framingham, MA


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About this Project

FST has been conducting assessment and remedial actions to address a release of perchloroethylene (PCE) at a former dry cleaning facility where PCE has migrated to down-gradient properties resulting in indoor air vapor intrusion. The assessment and remediation involved all phases of MCP Comprehensive Actions to address the release.

Remedial actions have been performed by FST to reduce the source of contamination, including In-Situ Chemical Oxidation and Soil Vapor Extraction at the site, and the installation of sub-slab soil depressurization, vapor barriers, and groundwater sump discharge treatment at down-gradient locations. The assessment of indoor air included evaluations of vapor intrusion pathways using soil gas sampling and indoor air analyses to determine if a vapor pathway existed. Assessment for Imminent Hazard conditions were also performed at several downgradient properties, and remedial measured to eliminate or mitigate the risk was performed.

FST is currently working with the Town of Framingham, a downgradient property owner, where PCE has been detected in indoor air and in groundwater discharging from a sump dewatering system. We are implementing a sump discharge treatment system under an EPA Remediation General Permit to address discharges to the Sudbury River. Response actions performed by FST continue to eliminate substantial hazards related to this site, so that a long term regulatory solution for the site can be achieved.


More Information

Owner: Town of Framingham (downgradient)

Location: Framingham, Massachusetts

Highlights: This project has required the assessment of soil, groundwater, sediments, surface water, and indoor air at the site and surrounding properties to address migration of contaminants, with ongoing assessments related to vapor intrusion.