Intermodal Center Parking Garage


Intermodal Center Parking Garage

Mineola, NY


About this Project

FST provided structural design for this $23 million Design-Build parking structure with 4 levels to accommodate 955 cars, 8 CNG buses, and offices for Garage Management, MTA Long Island Bus, and Metropolitan Transportation Police.

The garage complements the Downtown Revitalization Plan. The façade has brick and precast concrete elements, along with decorative precast concrete pilasters with tile inserts to match a nearby historic bridge.

An enclosed pedestrian bridge of steel tubings connects the garage, Mineola Station platforms, and ground level. All are ADA compliant and improve handicapped access. The bridge is a 12 ft wide and 75 ft long enclosed overpass.

The Intermodal Center allows commuters to transfer safely among cars, trains, buses, and nearby taxis comfortably and safely. An area to accommodate busses from Long Island Bus is located on the ground level inside the garage.

More Information

Owner: Long Island Railroad

Location: Mineola, NY

Highlights: The Interntal Center is part of the Village of Mineola's Master Plan to encourage transit-oriented development in its downtown area.