Intermodal Transportation Facility


Intermodal Transportation Facility

Fitchburg, MA

About this Project

FST had a key role in developing a new intermodal transportation facility, a cornerstone for revitalization of lower Main St. Designed to blend with its neighbors and provide efficient service connections, the facility consisted of two building pods, connected by a concourse.
The larger pod contains an atrium, van office, ticket office, bus drivers’ lounge, waiting areas, and toilet facilities. The pod concept fits the human scale and eliminates the need for an expansive parking area on Main St., which would detract from the area’s aesthetic environment.
The second, smaller pod, close by the tracks, is the main transportation facility, connecting MassDOT-Transit Division commuter rail, the bus fleet, vans, and taxis. It offers a coffee shop, newsstand, toilet facilities, the dispatch taxi office, and T operators lobby as well as waiting areas. A canopy covers the bus loading/drop-off areas.

More Information

Owner: Montachusett Area Regional Transit Authority

Location: Fitchburg, MA

Highlights: FST’s role involved civil, structural, and electrical design and construction phase services. FST design elements included access roads, parking lots for both MART vehicles and visitors parking, the bus boarding area, and passenger drop-off. FST designed public utility services connections including sanitary sewer, potable water, and fire protection flow. Design also involved lighting, power, and site storm drain connections to the municipal storm drain system.