Land Development

Lake Region High School, Vocational Center and Bus Garage


Lake Region High School, Vocational Center and Bus Garage

Naples, ME


About this Project

Fay, Spofford & Thorndike (FST) was engaged to assist in permitting and site design for a High School renovation and construction of a new combined Bus Garage and Vocational School in Naples, Maine as part of the Maine SAD #61 Campus. The schools are part of an overall campus which includes the Middle School, athletic field, and track complex. The school campus is located in the Long Lake Watershed which is protected under the MeDEP Chapter 502 Direct Watersheds of Lakes Most at Risk from Development Program.

The High School was redesigned to accommodate the increasing demand for core spaces such as cafeteria, library, and special services. Additionally, the growing Vocational School program was removed from the High School space into its own high tech space with the proper safety and air quality equipment. The project addressed some much-needed circulation and parking deficiencies by adding new facilities and streamlining the existing Campus to be more efficient. The project required an update to the school’s existing MeDEP Site Location of Development Permit to meet the newer more stringent standards. 

More Information

Client: Maine School Administrative District #61

Location: Naples, Maine

Highlights: The key project elements included:

• Two wet ponds with low flow underdrained gravel benches to meet the requirements for water quality and detention. The ponds were lined to protect the underlying sand and gravel aquifer.

• New dedicated bus loop, student parking, and staff parking.

• Bus Maintenance Garage and Vocational School Building with bus parking and on-site above ground fleet fuel storage facility.

• Campus-wide parking and open space master planning.