Logan Airport Connector East Boston Greenway


Logan Airport Connector East Boston Greenway

East Boston, MA

About this Project

FST developed the final design for East Boston Greenway Connector for Massport, along with the East Boston Greenways Advisory Committee and the City of Boston. The proposed trail extends from Bremen Street Park to the west and ends at the eastern edge of the proposed Marsh Overlook. Plans are to extend the trail to Constitution Beach.

The multi-use trail is 12 foot wide bituminous concrete paving with a painted center line. Posted signage, warning paint or rumble strips are incorporated at intersections and entering open spaces and plazas to reduce pedestrian/bike conflicts.  The typical width of the Greenway is 25 feet, which incorporates a clear zone and landscaping, benches along the trail, and two gathering areas, one at Neptune Road, and one at Wood Island Overlook.

The trail is designed to be ADA accessible (design, materials, grades) along the trail and from pedestrian and vehicular/emergency connections through the various gates. Connections to crosswalks include accessible pedestrian curb ramps with warning strips. Signage is provided for trail identification, trail rules and hours, emergency information, and regulatory signage.

The trail design incorporates safety and security for the trail users. The trail width allows for a police car to travel the entire length of the path. The width of trail and strategic placement of double gates allows for access by fire trucks. Fencing along the MBTA is over 9 feet tall with a curved top cross section and 1” x 1” vinyl coated chain link steel fabric to discourage climbing and access to the catenary wires, fall hazard, and the Blue Line tracks. Other site fencing is included to secure Massport facilities from the trail.

The East Boston Greenway began the “Greenways to Boston Harbor” program in 1995. The first trail was constructed along the CONRAIL Railroad Right-of-Way from Piers Park to Bremen Park.  The trail through Bremen Street Park which was designed by the FST team, and constructed as part of the Central Artery Tunnel Project mitigation was completed in 2011.

More Information

Owner: Massachusetts Port Authority

Location: East Boston, Massachusetts

Highlights: The East Boston Greenway Connector won a Silver Award at the 2014 ACEC Massachusetts Awards.