Integrated Water Management

Long Creek Restoration


Long Creek Restoration

South Portland, ME


About this Project

FST has a long standing interest in water resources and control; of non-point source contaminants starting with the phosphorus control standards issued in the late 1980s to the current time where Bill Hoffman serves as a member on the expert Review Committee for Long Creek. The firm was requested by the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District to design water quality measures for Long Creek Catchment A-105, an approximate watershed area of about 13 acres, most of which is commercially developed and includes Dick’s Sporting Center, the Mall Plaza, and small parcels at the northeast corner of Gorham and Maine Mall Road. The project was to select and prepare designs to treat the non-point runoff from this area of the City. FST undertook a conceptual level study which looked at several treatment options. FST and the District selected a large underdrain filter petitioned to five treatment zones, the use of catch basin inserts to treat the roof runoff from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and the use of StormTreat™ water quality systems with underground detention.


More Information

Owner: Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District

Location: South Portland, ME

Highlights: The project had strict time constraints which required it to be designed and permitted in a very short period of time or risk the loss of State Revolving Loan funds and Federal grant money. This schedule was met and the project was bid in time such that the funding was not jeopardized.