MHT Parking Garage Improvements


MHT Parking Garage Improvements

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport


About this Project

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport’s 1.4 million sf, 6-level garage houses a rental car operation on the ground level and 4,000 parking spaces on five supported levels. Although the steel frame and precast concrete deck garage is fairly new, heavy use has begun to take a toll. The Airport began a proactive program to assess deterioration and maintenance needs and perform repairs before corrosion, water leakage, and heavy wear become a problem of greater magnitude and higher cost.

FST inspected the garage for conditions such as leakage from sealant failures, corrosion, vehicular impact damage, and tested the chloride ion content of concrete decks and helix ramps. FST prepared a report of findings with recommendations. Subsequently, FST designed repairs, providing contract documents, bid and award assistance, and construction inspection/administration. The owner sought protection of their long-term investment, awarding a 3 to 5-year maintenance and repair contract with a broad scope to include structural, electrical, and mechanical services for continuous care of the structure.

Items of work include deck joint sealant replacements, concrete crack and spall repairs, traffic coatings on the concrete deck joint areas and helix ramps, structural steel painting, corroded electrical conduit replacements, floor drainage modifications, stair tower ventilation, and other work as required.


More Information

Owner: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Location: Manchester, NH

Highlights: FST planned the construction phasing, sequencing, and scheduling so work will be completed in 18 phases over 3 years.