Terminal B Garage at Logan


Terminal B Garage at Logan

Logan International Airport


About this Project

FST provided a full complement of design and construction phase services under the long term Maintenance Program and Programmed Renovations for the 2,700-space Terminal B Parking Garage. FST provided engineering to schedule routine repair and maintenance service to sustain the availability and needed capital from the facility. When funding was available, Massport embarked on the long-term upgrade intended to add significant years to the expected useful life of the structure while also improving the aesthetics and functionality of the garage.

Many of the garage’s systems needed significant upgrades. Roadway decks were strengthened, concrete encased steel columns were repaired and wrapped with carbon fiber, and main girders were substantially rebuilt. Additionally FST and our team designed improvements to pedestrian walkways, passenger entry lobbies, pathfinding and general aesthetics. We also implemented improvements to the stormwater/sanitary systems separation, replaced the lighting system with new efficient LED lighting, and designed new rooftop photovoltaic panels.

The project was performed via the Construction Manager at Risk process. FST was asked to advance design documents (started under our previous contract) through the 60%, 90% and Final design phase. Some of the tasks performed by FST include:

Development of RFP for CM Pre-Construction Services and At-Risk Construction Services

Review of CM Proposals for qualifications, technical understanding of the project and costs. Participated in the interview process of the short-listed CM Candidates. Participated in pre-construction services with the CM to make recommendations for early procurement of materials, assist with construction scheduling, development of construction packages, procurement of Trade Contractors, value engineering, constructibility review, and review of subcontractor bids.

Construction phase services including shop drawing review, RFI review, job meeting attendance, continued development of phasing and traffic management drawings and review of CM monthly pay requisitions.

More Information

Client: Massport

Location: Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA

Highlights: Keeping the garage fully operational during construction was pivotal to the project's success.FST won a Project Achievement Award from the Construction Management Association of America, New England Chapter. AirportImprovement magazine profiled this project in an article headlined "Boston Logan Completes Garage & Road Renovation Nearly $12 Million Under Budget & 11 Months Ahead of Schedule" and the lighting was mentioned in the article, "LEDs Bring Airports Big Returns" by Michael Winegard from the Aug/Sept 2010 issue of Airport Magazine (pages 18-19).